Company SOLO Swiss (Switzerland) from 1924 manufactures modern industrial furnaces for heat treatment of metals. .

SOLO Swiss propose two main types of furnaces for heat treatment processes using protective atmosphere:

  • Bell-type furnaces Profitherm, heat treatment lines based on bell-type furnaces Profitherm.

    This is unique, universal complex, consisting of the bell-type furnace and multiple quenching tanks, provides the possibility of quick direct transfer of the charge from the furnace to the tank. Thanks to its modular design, the complex is easily expansions and allows all types of atmospheres and quench media.

  • Continuous furnaces. Heating in the protective atmosphere wit following gas cooling or liquid quenching.

    Continuous pass-through furnaces provide high-precision heat treatment with guaranteed quality by heating in the gas atmosphere inside of the sealed heating channel.

    Numerous combinations of elements upstream and downstream of the furnace allow continuous or discontinuous flow depending on your work pieces. A refractory steel channel allows rapid changeover and conditioning of atmospheres for the following treatments: Austenitisation – Carburising – Carbonitriding

    All SOLO Swiss furnaces are equipped with cast muffles, which increase the accuracy of temperature control and ensure rapid movement of workpieces into the quenching media.

SOLO Swiss furnaces are used in various heat treatment processes: carburizing, quenching, tempering, nitrocarburizing, annealing, hardening, nitriding, brazing, sintering, oxynitriding.

SOLO furnaces are excellent for the processing of small, complex metal parts with high thermal requirements. These include gears, springs, rivets, bearings, coins, cutlery, jewelry, technical parts for the aerospace industry, watchmaking and micromechanical parts.

  • Bell type furnaces Profitherm

  • lines based on bell-type furnaces Profitherm

  • Continuous furnase

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